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 Our mission is to leave a legacy for our family.  We want to do something that will outlive us.  We want something that will serve generations to come. In doing so, we want to support amazing coffee roasters domestically and abroad. Our goal is to bring you the best coffee on the planet. We know our family recipes will stand the test of time and we are thrilled to make them available for your enjoyment!

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Birchwood Coffee Co is a place where the aim is to satisfy the hardcore coffee connoisseur. while also catering to those who are LookING for a homEY place, with great people and awesome southern hospitality to unwind with a great cup of coffee and delicious dessert.


Our baristas and staff are trained to care about more than just the coffee in your cup. We care more about the people we serve. Our hope is that you come in and feel the warmth of true southern hospitality and great service!

So come on in, order a latte and some pecan pie and let us make you feel like family.





Hey There! Welcome to Birchwood Coffee Co. My name is Danielle and I am the founder and owner of BCC. Over the past sixteen years I have dedicated my life to my family - loving my husband, while raising four amazing kids, with a dream brewing in my heart ( pun intended).


Since I was a little girl, coffee has been an essential part of my family's lifestyle. It was at the center of all family gatherings, it brought with it lots of great conversations, laughs and a host of memories. It's likely that Birchwood was born in my heart as a 10 year old girl at my grandmother's house around the dining room table. I will never forget the memories my siblings and cousins made, at Grandy's house with our coffee and pound cake.


My grandmothers, aunts and cousins are truly some of the best bakers I know. I decided to pair my love of coffee and my family's southern dessert recipes together. It is the framework of Birchwood Coffee Co. A cup of coffee or a well crafted latte is great on its own, but when paired with aunties peach cobbler or grandma's cheesecake it becomes magical. 


I hope you feel the love when you come, because it's a family affair over here at Birchwood Coffee Co. I know you will leave with amazing coffee and phenomenal desserts.

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Danielle Bjork


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